Don't get bogged down when the road runs out. In light of growing costs and more demanding working environments, farmers and agricultural contractors in particular want quick and efficient transport solutions. Boasting a broad spectrum of capabilities, look no further than Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks when commuting between fields, roads and silos. It combines impressive off-road strength and ground-protecting operation in the field with safe and rapid transportation on the road. It also delivers high payload capacities and outstanding tractive power. Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks meet complex requirements – at the same time keeping fuel consumption low. This translates into enhanced user benefits and reduced cost per kilometre. The Unimog delivers economic performance you can count on.

Some of the information provided and images displayed on this Site are European. Vehicle features and performance may differ under New Zealand conditions. Contact Mercedes-Benz New Zealand Ltd for information on Vehicles available in New Zealand.


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