The Unimog in the energy sector

Professional equipment carrier, powerful transport vehicle and mobile workshop: The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is all this in one vehicle. It delivers the full range of services you would expect from a high-performance fleet in the energy industry.

Whether you are exploiting new energy sources, working in open-cast mines, or are in charge of the maintenance and servicing of extensive power supply lines. Its unique chassis and implement-carrying concept permits the Unimog to reach those inaccessible, remote spots which are most crucial for the daily business of the energy industry, swiftly and fully laden.

Should a problem occur – such as a failure in the power network – your Unimog will soon get you back up and running. It will transport crew, measuring equipment, tools and materials to where they are needed – without having to transfer the load to another vehicle. You will be able to set up your site and address the problem without wasting valuable time. Better performance, lower costs: The calculation works to your advantage.

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