The Zetros for fire safety and disaster control

The forces of nature need a worthy opponent

From forest fires to flooding, storm damage and earthquakes, the Zetros is the right choice when the forces of nature transform whole regions into disaster zones. Task forces, fire-fighting systems and emergency equipment need to reach the disaster area as quickly as possible.

The Zetros is more than capable of coping with extended distances, poor road conditions and heavy off-road conditions. Thanks to permanent AWD, differential locks, single tyres and the optional tyre pressure control system, the Zetros channels a safe route for disaster relief workers and medical teams. The generously proportioned cab comfortably accommodates up to three people and offers plenty of stowage space for clothing and equipment.

The strengths of the cutting-edge CBE truck are underlined in tough off-road conditions. With a fording capability of up to 1.19 m, it copes effortlessly with deep mud and flood water. With a permissible GVW of 18 or 27 tonnes, the Zetros is predestined for off-road use by transport operators, rescue services, fire-fighting crews, and salvage teams. It can also be deployed as a fire-fighting tank truck. And the optional Allison automatic transmission with torque converter can be used for "pump and roll" operations in forest fire-fighting.

The Zetros knows no limits. With its low height and the right equipment options, the Zetros can be quickly prepared for air freight – and deployment in applications worldwide.

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