The Unimog road-railer

Mowing, winter service, maintenance and upkeep, cleaning, transport and loading jobs. Nowhere are the requirements for maintaining roads and grounds so diverse as in cities and municipal areas. Handling these tasks requires a large vehicle fleet with a full range of equipment – or a vehicle that specialises in a huge variety of jobs from the start: just like the Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

Greater driving and operating comfort than a truck, faster and more fuel-efficient than any tractor, and more customising options than any series-produced vehicle. Take advantage of a premium operating potential on a daily basis. One feature developed especially for the Unimog is VarioPilot® steering. Simply move the steering column from the left to the right-hand side of the cab. In this way you can accomplish numerous jobs in cost-effective one-person operation. Exchanging implements and mounting bodies is also completed in no time – thanks to the Unimog's quick-change system. And if you want to be even more efficient, the versatile equipment-carrying design enables you to carry out several operating processes in a single run. This means you can lower your costs and utilise the Unimog all year round.

Exceptional circumstances: dangerous situations such as floods, mudslides or extremely heavy snowfall. With the Unimog you can remain operational and offer assistance under even the most severe conditions. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is irreplaceable.

Some of the information provided and images displayed on this Site are European. Vehicle features and performance may differ under New Zealand conditions. Contact Mercedes-Benz New Zealand Ltd for information on Vehicles available in New Zealand.