The chassis team

Robust, durable and ideal for mounting bodies – the frame


The high-strength and yet elastic frame design of the Actros is light and practical to use while taking into account the requirements of day-to-day operation.

Further advantages:

  • Three frame side rail thicknesses of 7 mm, 8 mm or 9.5 mm, depending on the vehicle model.
  • Material: cold-worked, high-strength steel E 500 TM. Cross members and side rails are interconnected by means of riveted gusset plates.
  • Easy to install with the same frame profile throughout and straight upper edge with no projecting components.
  • Universal 50 mm hole spacing for easy mounting of attachments.
  • Good corrosion protection thanks to coating of all surfaces.
  • The frame taper is located 1,350 mm behind the centre of the first front axle.
  • Bolted, therefore repair-friendly, frame front section.

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