Mercedes-Benz Safety & Telligent® technology

Optimum engine control – the Telligent® engine management system

Telligent® engine management system

The main requirements that engines have to fulfil have changed very little over the years and remain fairly simple: maximum torque and pulling power, minimum fuel consumption. The Telligent® engine management system, on the other hand, is highly complex but also extremely efficient. It calculates the ideal injection timing, the optimum injection metering and the precise injection period for each cylinder. What’s more, it constantly adjusts these variables to the current driving situation at lightning speed, based on the continuous output of relevant data, such as air and boost pressure, as well as engine, fuel and charge-air temperature. The Telligent® engine management system corrects any malfunctions immediately. So much for the theory. In practice, the Telligent® engine management system ensures superlative power delivery and powerful acceleration, even at low engine speeds.