Economical, versatile, safe design


Top-class results. On the road and on the balance sheet.

The Axor was designed to increase performance and decrease consumption. It combines payload optimisation with streamlined fuel consumption.

  • Payload optimisation based on design solutions that reduce the vehicle’s unladen weight
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to the Telligent® engine management system
  • Cost-effective compliance with Euro 5 standards thanks to BlueTec® SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz
  • Perfectly coordinated powertrain for optimum power transmission: with 9 and 16-speed manual transmission
  • Low-wear gear changes with the Telligent® gearshift or the Telligent® automatic gearshift
  • Long service intervals and robust engineering
  • Low-wear, high-performance brake system
  • Short downtimes thanks to a design concept based on ease of repair
  • Reliability and durability based on exceptionally high operational performance