The base of the body

The robust chassis

Extermely resilient, a versatile design and not a single gram of surplus weight - the Axor frame

The robust frame

The Axor parallel frame design meets two fundamental design requirements: an extremely high load-bearing capacity and not a gram of surplus weight.

Numerous measures taken to reduce the unladen weight have made it possible to achieve the objective of combining a robust design with payload benefits. As a result, the parallel frame of the new Axor can handle much more than you might think.

The frame's 50 mm hole pattern offers further advantages. It makes body attachment extremely simple, which means that bodies and add-on components such as extra fuel tanks can be fitted quickly and easily. It also eliminates the need to drill additional holes, which could damage the frame's corrosion protection. The 50 mm hole pattern thus ensures that the outstanding protective seal produced by the cathodic dip priming process remains intact.