Mercedes-Benz Van Rental is here.

Mercedes-Benz Van Rental

Renting reinvented.

If an order is pending, then suitable vans should also be readily available. And for exactly as long as they are needed. It doesn't matter if its for a day or a few months. And if the job requires a van with a body specific to your industry, then you should get that, too. In a contract that is as perfect a fit as the relevant vehicle is for you.

We are now available for all of that: Mercedes-Benz Van Rental. The first vehicle rental company on the market which specialises completely in vans. It doesn't matter whether rental is short or long-term – we guarantee that we will find a suitable vehicle solution for you. After all, we don't just rent out vans, we build them too. And so we know every screw in them. You'll notice the difference.

The benefits of vehicle rental

  1. Rent as long as you like

  2. More than just standard vehicles

  3. Quicker exchange

  4. Uncomplicated replacement

  5. Financial flexibility

  6. Focus on your core business

Our rental rates

No fixed contractual obligation: the Flex-RATE

With the Flex-RATE, you can rent a vehicle from us, starting at just one day. You want to return the van at short notice? No problem. In that case you only pay for the rental period you actually used.

A custom-built van: the Fix-RATE

Whoever commits for a longer period, doesn't just get a more favourable price, but they can also benefit from individual vehicle solutions. Simply speak with one of our rental consultants.

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