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We are electrifying our range of vans

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Our ambition is to offer you an all-electric alternative of every model in our range by the end of 20221.

This not only reduces the strain on cities and the environment, but also offers you genuine benefits as owner or driver – including the potential to assist you with lowering total cost of ownership.

This is planned to start in the second half of 2022 with the introduction of the mid-size eVito panel van, eVito Tourer, eSprinter and EQV.

Thanks to the flexibility of our global vans production strategy, we intend to offer both conventional and battery-electric vans side by side, and are preparing to switch to electric only in the future, when customer and market demand determines it.  


Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans, Diane Tarr, saidthis is a very exciting step towards a more sustainable future for Mercedes-Benz Vans and our customers in New Zealand. We are confident that the electric drive will gain more prevalence here over the coming years. As it does, we will be ready with a strong customer-centric electric product portfolio, which offers the potential to assist customers with lowering their operating costs and reducing their environmental impact.”



*Overseas model shown. eVans are future vehicles not currently available for purchase in New Zealand. Information and images predominantly reflect models and features sold in Europe and other overseas markets. The information is therefore indicative, illustrative and provided only for guidance and should not be relied on.

Discover the benefits of the Mercedes-Benz eVans.

Lowering emissions.

Lower cost per kilometre.

Maintenance and preservation benefits.

All new driving experience.

Uninterrupted interior load area.

Flexible charging.

The EQV - Arriving 2022.

The EQV combines the generous feel-good space of a Mercedes-Benz luxurious people mover with a well thought-out electric drive concept with long range.

  • A range of up to 356km with 90kWh battery capacity2.
  • Fast charging capability from 10-80 per cent in less than 45 minutes3.

The eVito Tourer - Arriving 2022.

If you operate professional passenger transport and want to present yourself as an environmentally conscious, progressive company, you will certainly cut a fine figure with the eVito Tourer. With up to 8 seats, the eVito Tourer is just as suitable for everyday family use.

  • A range of up to 361km with 90kWh battery capacity2.
  • Fast charging capability from 10-80 per cent in less than 45 minutes3.

The eVito Panel Van - Arriving 2022.

If you are looking for a robust mid-size van with an electric drive, the eVito Panel Van is the perfect solution. The eVito Panel Van is just as functional, secure and comfortable as you have come to expect from a Vito with an internal combustion engine, but now comes with the added benefits of an electric drive train.

  • A range of up to 314km with 60 kWh battery capacity2.
  • Fast charging capability from 10-80 per cent in less than 35 minutes3.


The eSprinter - Arriving 2022.

The eSprinter panel van is just as reliable, economical and flexible as you have come to expect from Sprinter for over 25 years. The eSprinter will be available to order as a medium wheel base length. The load compartment volume of 11 m³ is not limited in any way by the electric drive system, so transporting a large load is as easy as ever. 

  • Indicative range and charging capabilities to be communicated closer to launch.
Mercedes-Benz eVans are not yet available for purchase locally. For details on the launch date, please register using the online form provided. Overseas model shown.

[1] For more information please visit:  Press release link.

[2] Figures are indicative only and based on European WLTP standards [such as Directive No. 2017/1151/EU] and are determined by testing under track and/or standardised laboratory conditions. The figures stated are for the purposes of comparison with other European based figures and amongst vehicles tested under the same technical procedures only. Real world figures (particularly consumption, range and torque) may vary and are influenced by many additional factors such as but not limited to, vehicle configuration, capabilities of charging infrastructure capacity and/or supply, individual driving style, load, traffic, environmental and road conditions, ambient temperatures and vehicle condition.  

[3] Charging times based on a public Direct Current (DC) charging station, charging at a continuous rate of 110kW, from 10% to 80% battery capacity. Charging times can vary depending on many factors including but not limited to ambient conditions, auxiliary consumables (e.g. seat heating and air-conditioning) and capabilities of charging infrastructure capacity and/or supply.