Features and accessories to style your X-Class.

Optional X-Class packages.

Make the X-Class as individual as you and tailor a wide range of additional X-Class features to your needs. The latest parking technology, enhanced comfort and style additions –  there’s a range of Mercedes-Benz Package options available.

Customise your X-Class with Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories.

Make your X-Class work for you, whether you’re a busy business owner, adventurer or sporting enthusiast. Choose from a range of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories such as load bed covers to protect tools, and roof storage solutions for bikes that make the ute ready for adventure. All accessories are fitted at the retailer.

Numerous equipment features at a glance.

Various safety systems and features included in Mercedes-Benz vehicles are driver assistance aids only and the driver at all times remains solely responsible for maintaining proper control of the vehicle, ensuring safety and monitoring the driving environment and complying with all applicable road rules

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