At home on the road

At home on the road.

They gave themselves 30 days. Joe and Krysten Wagner had already made a huge life change in leaving Canada for Australia. Now they had a month to turn the 2002 Sprinter they’d purchased into a mobile home.

If you’re keen to see the incredible results of the conversion, there’s a highlight reel available on their Instagram, YouTube channel and Wandering Wagners website.

“We couldn’t be happier with our first attempt at a home on wheels, and having a durable vehicle to call home has made it that much better,” says Krysten.

“We are always prepared for any situation. We can hop from the cab back into our home without having to get out of the van.”

Lots of couples dream of cutting ties with the rat race and getting out on the road. But the Wagners have made it work, and want to use their success to encourage others to be more sustainable and to make positive change through living the #vanlife.

They recently took over our Instagram account to share some Aussie adventures in the much-loved Sprinter they call Foley.

“For us, the Sprinter is a perfect vehicle because of the quality,” says Krysten.

“We love the sturdy build of a Mercedes, and have been so impressed with how well our 2002 Sprinter runs! It was the perfect shape for a conversion as well.”

They’re now talking about getting a high-roofed version and doing another build, incorporating all the tricks of the trade they learned the first time around.

“The best thing we added during our conversion was a bed that also folds into a couch. Having a space to sit was crucial, but we also wanted a comfortable mattress to sleep on.”

So, what’s next for this crafty couple?

“We’re making a pit stop in South East Asia before we come back to Australia for even more exploring,” says Krysten.

“We want to spend some more time in WA before crossing north over into Queensland at the start of winter - but Tasmania is at the top of our down-under bucket list.”

Keen to try our Sprinter for yourself?