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One brute of a ute.



Production of X-Class vehicles has ceased and there is no new vehicle stock remaining in New Zealand. The information provided on this webpage is here as a guide, should you require specific product information visit the X-Class Overview page.



The X-Class gives you the power you want and the ability to take control of whatever life throws at you


Mix business with pleasure and escape the working week for some true grit in the Mercedes-Benz X-Class V6 – the ute that’s all about relentless adventure and a life less ordinary.

‘WORK-LIFE BALANCE’ is a phrase often thrown about – and in theory it makes total sense; equally dividing your time across all aspects of life ensures nothing – and no one – misses out.

But come sundown, after a day of hard yakka, we are flat-out knackered. Now more than ever, the ever-elusive ‘Me Time’ needs to take a front seat – that part of the day where it’s all about escaping the grind and venturing into wide open spaces for adrenalin-filled adventures.

Enter your silver lining – the Mercedes-Benz X-Class V6. Built like a brute, this slick yet sturdy ute gets the job done. Whether you’re filling it with work tools on the nine-to-five or throwing your boys’ toys in the back for a post-work ride, the X-Class sets the stage for relentless adventure.

Extreme sports are an ideal outlet for letting off some steam post-work – and there’s none better than getting down and dirty on a dirt bike. With this comes a lot of gear, remote trails and rugged terrain – the perfect trio for a ute that’s all about hardcore power and getting your hands dirty.

With the longest tray in its class, you’ll easily fit a couple of bikes, safety gear, chilly bin and other essentials on the back of the X-Class. Weekend adventures are under control too, with a serious towing capacity of 3.5-tonnes, ideal for the family boat.

You’re sorted for wherever the road leads with the ute’s 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system combined with ground clearance and wading capability. Under the bonnet, the Mercedes-Benz built V6 engine boasts 190kW and 550Nm of grunt, giving you the power you want and the ability to take control of whatever life throws at you.

Standard stuff for any dirtbike aficionado, the moody West Coast offers up black sand and dust for miles – throw your surfboard on the back of the cab and you’ve got the perfect storm.

There’s something innately blokey about being behind the wheel of a ute – brute strength complemented by clean body lines and all the bells and whistles you could want. Heading out of the city towards Bethells Beach, the X-Class makes its presence felt.

As the pressures of the day dissipate, take a load off while you navigate the traffic to where you’re headed. Crank up the tunes, or make a hands-free call home or back to your work-site.

On arrival, the 360° reversing camera is the perfect partner to find the ultimate spot before you start to offload your gear.

Getting onto the beach itself requires moderate speed over soft sand dunes. No drama, the X-Class makes light work of the task at hand and can be relied on to get the job done. With the necessary admin out of the way, you’re free to get out amongst mother nature and rip up a storm.

When the adventure is over and it’s time to turn in for the day, a simple reload of gear and you’re back behind the wheel for a return to normality. Leave your adventures in the dust and start plotting your next one as you follow the road home.

A standout ute, the powerful V6 heart laps up the demands of a working week, but it’s while being out with the post-work and weekend warriors hitting their stride that you’ll really feel the love. Rest assured, the X-Class is one brute of a ute.