CAPI love their versatile Vito.

It was an idea that started small. CAPI founder Pitzy Folk saw a chance to bottle the best of Australia’s mineral water supply - filtered through the springs of Victoria’s Macedon Ranges region - then add all-natural ingredients and design a delicious range of mixers and sodas.

The family-owned business now sells its mineral waters, sodas, mixers and craft range in 13 countries across the Asia-Pacific region. Pitzy and his close-knit team love the opportunity to educate consumers about the benefits of using locally-sourced ingredients - they’re also proud to have the Mercedes-Benz Vito as their delivery vehicle of choice. “Our products are premium and carefully designed, so of course our van should be too,” Magenta Burgin, CAPI marketing manager said.

This winter, CAPI took over the Mercedes-Benz Vans Instagram, posting pictures and stories of a weekend trip around Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula region, where they visited their winery and distillery stockists.

“The Vito is easy for our first time van drivers to adapt to, has awesome visibility when you’re in the cabin, and is great when it comes to fuel economy,” says Magenta. “Our van made it to Dimboola’s Pink Lake - where we harvest salt - and back, on one tank!” And what’s CAPI’s favourite feature of their much-loved cargo carrier? “All the doors! Event ‘Tetris’ is made much easier when you can slide things in from every angle. It fits our CAPI cart to the centimetre, and you can forklift a pallet straight into the back.”