Ergonomic Excellence

Ergonomic excellence.


The latest generation Sprinter helps you work smarter and more comfortably than ever. Designed to be a feature-packed and flexible workspace, the interior design puts everything you need within easy reach.

With more options available than ever before, the Sprinter is ready to seamlessly and economically integrate itself into your work day, and increase your productivity and safety on and off the road.

Everything in Arm’s Reach

Featuring a range of advanced functionality, including our latest generation integrated multimedia unit MBUX - Mercedes-Benz User Experience. The Sprinter comes with a 7-inch screen as standard, and can be optionally upgraded to a 10.25-inch screen.

The multifunction steering wheel allows you to operate vehicle settings and the multimedia system without having to remove your hands from the wheel.

With wireless charging*, the Sprinter also offers Bluetooth® connectivity and hands-free communication via Android AutoTM or Apple CarPlay® - meaning you’ll never miss a call on the road.

Safety First

The transmission also incorporates the latest technology, meaning if your van is in gear while one of the doors is opened, the gearbox automatically switches to parking mode. When you’re taking off, the Sprinter will not remove the auto park brake^ unless the driver’s seatbelt is on.

To ensure comfort and safety, the gear stick has been moved from the centre console to alongside the steering wheel.

This allows for unobstructed access when unloading the vehicle from the front or rear, or when  customising the interior of the vehicle to meet your needs. And it reduces the risk of injury in an emergency situation.

Room With a View

If you’re moving at under 15km an hour, the optional 360° reversing camera can help you avoid collisions. And a dedicated 180° view shows the driver incoming traffic on both sides when exiting a driveway or reversing - perfect for tight corners or access driveways.

There are five stages of visual and auditory warnings alerting you to incoming objects, or if you’re getting too close to something, giving you all the notice you need.

The Sprinter has your back and knows how time precious picking up or delivering goods can be. The reversing camera display will not only indicate if an obstacle is blocking the doors from opening, it will also display where the door will open to - helping you to ensure every park is perfect.  

*Please contact your authorised Mercedes-Benz Retailer to confirm your smartphone compatibility.