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Go hard or stay home.


Production of X-Class vehicles has ceased and there is no new vehicle stock remaining in New Zealand. The information provided on this webpage is here as a guide, should you require specific product information visit the X-Class Overview page.

Answering the call of the wild comes naturally to tradie-turned-adventurer Jesse James Cassrels. Plenty of plumbers hit the pub or the gym when they down their tools, but he uses his spare time travelling the globe in search of his next adventure-charged exploits. 

We spoke with him about why he is so passionate about taking his X-Class out on his adventures - surfing and snowboarding.

What does the call of the wild mean to you? How do you answer?

To me, it means getting out of the city. I pack my bags, load my snowboard and camping gear into the truck and head straight for the mountains or the beach. In the winter, there’s something about driving up icy mountain roads lined by snow-covered trees. In summer time, there’s nothing better than racing miles up the beach and finding a spot to surf with not a soul in sight. 

Do you remember when you first heard your call of the wild? 

I used to get away camping, surfing and fishing with my dad when I was a young bloke. We’d head out to the beach, drive up the dunes and camp out under the stars. Those early adventures changed my life. I’ll always remember catching my first wave - after that I was hooked. I’m still chasing that feeling every time I head out.

How does chasing adventure and seeking out nature make you feel?

It makes me feel free. Heading out with no phone reception, getting lost and really tuning in to nature is the best feeling ever. I always come back from an adventure feeling so satisfied - getting out of the city and into the wild is so good for my mental health.

What would your life be like without adventure?

It wouldn’t be mine. My life has always consisted of epic adventures, from when I was young until now. I couldn’t imagine life without the extreme sports I do or the crazy adventures I head out on. 

How does the X-Class help you answer the call of the wild?

I’ve been to places so far off the beaten track I didn’t see a single person for three days. 

It’s big, it’s powerful, and there are few mountains or sand dunes it can’t climb. It’s got the most power I’ve ever felt in a truck, and takes me anywhere I want to surf and snowboard.

What features of the X-Class can't you live without?

The 4MATIC 4x4 and the power of the V6. One time when I was towing the jetski I got bogged in soft sand. Most other trucks would have been stuck, but I put my foot down and the X-Class just powered on. I also love the heated seats on cold winter mornings.

One last question, will you ever stop adventuring?

Definitely not. I’m constantly seeking fear, looking for that next experience to tell a mate about.