Foot on the petals | Mercedes-Benz Vans New Zealand

Foot on the petals.

Liv Wakem’s alarm clock is set for 4am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The business of blooms is not for those who enjoy a sleep in. Since Liv entered the floristry industry 8 years ago, she’s had no choice but to become a morning person. While getting up before the crack-of-dawn to go to the flower markets can be hard at times, Liv explains that jumping into her warm, custom-fitted Mercedes-Benz Vito makes it a whole lot easier. 

Not all florists make such frequent trips to the markets, but Liv prefers to go more regularly so she can buy just enough flowers to replenish the shop for that day and the next. Liv is a strong believer in buying less, more often so the flowers stay fresh and people get to enjoy them in their homes for longer.

After Liv heads back from the market, she makes a quick pit stop at her shop, Kensal Flowers in Kingsland where she unloads the flowers from the auction before she starts her morning delivery run. She’s installed an air circulation vent in her Vito to keep the air moving around and the flowers cool. Liv often drives around with a van full of flowers — which she's described as “playing a floral game of Tetris”, so the fold down shelves come in handy. “It’s been a game changer for us, knowing that our flowers are safe and sound in the back” she says.

The flowers aren’t the only thing Liv wants to keep safe. As she spends a lot of her day driving around in her Vito, feeling safe and secure is her number one priority. The Vito’s five-star ANCAP Safety rating helps put her mind at rest. And if this year has taught us anything, it’s that we should all “slow down, take time and cherish the small things in life”. 

To see more of Liv’s stunning floral arrangements, check out @kensal_flowers on Instagram.