McCafé goes espresso in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

McCafé goes espresso in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

When McDonald’s NZ decided to take its McCafé on the road to festivals and concerts around the country last year, it didn’t need to look any further than the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter... and for obvious reasons.

According to Sophie Wardrop, Senior Brand Manager, McDonald’s NZ, quality was seen as one of the key factors in its decision to use Mercedes-Benz Vans for its foray into creating a mobile McCafé. And what better way to support this message than deliver quality coffee to its consumers around New Zealand.

"The focus on quality is a key throughout the McCafé venues, from high class baristas, to quality coffee beans and machinery. So it was only a natural fit that McCafé chose the Sprinter Cab Chassis 516 Long Wheelbase with its outstanding reputation for operational reliability, as its quality support vehicle to take the McCafé brand to NZ." effused Sophie. The original brief of the project was to make McCafé accessible to those areas that might not have experienced what McCafé has to offer.

For Mike Nicklin at Frontier Motorhomes NZ, the company behind the bespoke McCafé fit-out, the 2015 Sprinter Cab Chassis was a perfect choice, having successfully worked with the vehicle in the past for bespoke private motorhome builds. "It's not easy getting the right van to match your business needs, but by combining the quality of the Sprinter with our skills and experience, pretty much anything is possible."

"The versatility of the vehicle is the reason it was able to be converted and adapt so well to McCafés requirements. It has a flat chassis making it much simpler to build on" says Mike.

Barely being able to hide her enthusiasm for the project, Sophie has the final word. "McDonald’s are delighted to be using a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for our first mobile McCafé. We launched in January 2016 and the McCafé vehicle will be journeying throughout New Zealand from the North Island to the South Island and visiting numerous venues and festivals throughout the year."