Mindkits take STEM to schools

‘Hack My Van’ winners MindKits take STEM learning solutions to schools with their Vito.

Creative entrepreneurs and small business owners in Australia and New Zealand were invited to re-imagine the interior of a Vito in the inaugural Mercedes-Benz Vans ‘Hack My Van’ competition. According to Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Dianne Tarr, when used creatively, the Vito has the potential to transform a business. 

The winner, a New Zealand start-up called MindKits, used their Vito to bring hands-on STEM learning to schools around the country. STEM learning helps equip kids with the skills they need to do the jobs of the future. 

The Vito provides MindKits with the mobility to bring their innovative technology and workshops to all schools in New Zealand - not just to the schools that can afford it. “Winning the Vito enables us to take our proven, engaging STEM workshops to schools with fewer resources, independent of their wealth and status.” said MindKits Co-Founders Tim and Fay.  

In November, MindKits took their Vito for its first spin. Decked out in MindKits branding and fitted out with the latest technologies - from robotics to 3D printers - the MindKits van greeted a group of delighted school-aged kids in New Zealand. Kids were able to get their hands on some of the the world’s most innovative technologies and see their designs come to life with MindKits’ range of cutting-edge 3D printers. 

According to the Foundation for Young Australians, 70% of young people entering the workforce could be hit by automation - a change that will require future workers to understand robotics, engineering and other crucial skills in STEM. 

MindKits’ hands-on workshops aim to remove the jargon and complexity around new technology, helping kids and their teachers prepare for the next generation of jobs. The workshops cover topics like robotics, CAD, 3D printing and even the Mars One Colony Project, a global initiative to get humans on Mars.

MindKits is instrumental in helping teach kids the skills they need to be competitive in the workforce of the future.