New Generation Sprinter

New generation Sprinter revealed.

The future of commercial transport is going to be smart and adaptable. The third generation Sprinter is set to raise the bar for an exciting new generation of intelligent, adaptable vehicles. Announced early this month in Germany, the next generation of Sprinter will boast the highest level safety features, brilliant design and a connectivity package that catapults it into a new era.

Global CEO of Mercedes-Benz Vans, Volker Mornhinweg, says, “With new connectivity services, a new telematics generation and an unprecedented number of variants, it is a comprehensive system meeting an enormous range of commercial transport requirements”.

Mercedes-Benz Vans will offer some initial networking services at the Australian launch, then expand and adapt the Sprinter’s online capabilities to meet the needs of their customers. Another great strength of the new Sprinter is its versatility and adaptability. Customisable to fit almost any scenario, the new Sprinter offers value at every price point.

It is possible to generate over 1,000 different Sprinter variants using just the basic parameters such as body type, powertrain concept, cab configuration, body length, tonnage and cargo space height, making the new Sprinter the ideal vehicle for many different transport needs and sectors. Whether you need a more spartan model for a construction site, or a model with the fine detail appropriate to a VIP shuttle, the new Sprinter will deliver. “Modularity is not an end in itself. It is essential”, says Norbert Kunz, global head of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter product management.

The new Sprinter incorporates an online system that can be fully integrated into a company’s IT and inventory control infrastructure. This saves time and money by maximising efficiency in deliveries.

For the driver and passengers, the new-generation Sprinter has a car-like feel, and a focus on comfort and reliability. A choice of open, closed or locking compartments in the roof and cockpit enables the configuration to be tailored precisely to the given requirements for the workplace behind the wheel. The central area of the instrument panel is dominated by intelligent infotainment systems.

The Sprinter will lead the way toward the future of intelligent vehicles and smart transport. To keep up-to-date on the new generation Sprinter, register your interest below.