Pick of the bunch

The pick of the bunch.

Grape Expectations founder Michael Aveson loves delicious Aussie wine and has crafted his business around giving people unforgettable tours of Victoria’s picturesque winery regions.

And they travel in comfort and style thanks to Estella, his striking Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Transfer Minibus.

“I've always been a ‘Benz’ man. I totally understand what it means to have the three-pointed star on my steering wheel and in my driveway,” says Michael.

“My clients want a special experience, to travel in luxury and feel like a rock star. Estella makes all the difference.”

Because she’s such a big part of every Grape Expectations day out, she has her very own hashtag - #EstellaTheLadyBus - so tour groups can tag their ride on social media.

“Attaching a personality to the bus has turned her into a talking point and an ‘Insta-worthy’ photo opportunity,” he exclaims.

There’s plenty to love about such a memorable choice of vehicle, but Michael is happy to single out a few key features of his latest generation Sprinter, like the power sliding door that he can control from the driver’s seat.

Best of all, the advanced navigation system makes getting to the next destination easy, and the audio controls help Michael keep the vibes at maximum with a game or two of “name that tune” along the way.

“Estella gives me 100 per cent peace of mind when it comes to performance and reliability, especially when I'm carrying important cargo - that's the clients, not the wine!”