Shane Delia's Biggie Smalls gets mobile

Shane Delia's Biggie Smalls gets mobile with Mercedes-Benz Vans

It’s a sunny March day and Melbourne-based chef Shane Delia is moments from unveiling his latest Biggie Smalls ‘kbab’ outlet. It’s just like his ‘shop’ in Collingwood, but there’s one small difference: it’s on wheels. 

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter wheels to be precise. He’s about to give away 300 of his signature ‘kbabs’ to hungry visitors to Queen Victoria Market, but before he does, he pauses to reflect on how much work went into fitting out the Sprinter to his standards. ‘I was involved in the layout of the kitchen, the size of the equipment and made sure it had all of the features we need,’ he says. 

‘Even though Biggie Smalls is a street hip hop brand, it’s premium,’ Delia says. He worked with the team at Mercedes-Benz to figure out every detail, including WiFi facilities, which support the Biggie Smalls point-of-sale system. ‘When we sell a menu item here, we can reconcile it with everything back at the shop. It’s all integrated into the mothership,’ Delia explains.  

Don’t expect his food truck to pull up on any old street corner. ‘It’s not going to follow the traditional food truck routes,’ he hints. It’ll appear at major events such as football matches at Spotless Stadium and the Grand Prix. He’s also considered those seeking a personalised experience, which is why it’s been fitted with premium oven and gas burners. ‘I can do a seven-course Maha degustation, too,’ he smiles. ‘We can pull it up alongside our Vito van which is fully refrigerated,’ Delia adds. This means while party guests sip champagne and enjoy caviar, he can whip up culinary magic for private functions in the carefully considered space. 

‘It’s better than a lot of kitchens I’ve worked in. The only thing it doesn’t have is a dishwasher… but there’s a hose,’ he laughs, before stepping into his new kitchen to ensure everything is ready for the first service. Hungry masses are satisfied and Delia is clearly thrilled that his street-style brand can now officially hit the road.

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