Sole Ventures

Sole Ventures.

A lifetime of adventure.

Sam and Cole Johnston have spent half a lifetime exploring the world. Born in the Northland region of the North Island, they developed an insatiable appetite for adventure and the outdoors, immersing themselves in hiking, kayaking, skiing, diving, snowboarding, swimming, sailing, wakeboarding, rock-climbing, mountaineering, scuba-diving and basically any activity that involves the great outdoors.

While travelling the world and working across diving, superyachts, and fitness, the two brothers decided to put their now considerable experience in travel and tourism to use at home. Following many a late night conversation between the two, Sole Ventures was born - a tour company showcasing some of New Zealand’s best natural beauty.

Sole Ventures does touring with an adventurous and luxurious twist. Tours are themed two ways, and offer a land-based or an ocean-going experience depending on your preference. The land-based tour is called the ‘North Island Pioneer’ and takes in white sand beaches, glow-worm caves, mountain hikes and redwood forests, just to start. The ocean going tour, the ‘Northland Voyager’ involves snorkelling through schools of fish, sandboarding down giant dunes, and walking among giant Kauri trees.

The brothers’ passion for the outdoors comes from a deep love of the environment, and travelling the world brought home the realisation of just how quickly a pristine ecosystem can be ruined. They say, “We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible in all aspects of our operations.” This means minimising paper, using compostable bags for rubbish, and using plant-based cleaning products where possible.

Where the Johnston’s love of style and environmental conscientiousness intersect is their much-loved fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. Spacious and comfortable, their Sprinters employ the latest in emission reduction technology, including diesel particulate filters that cut soot content from the exhaust by 95%.

It’s not just the clean-driving of the Mercedes-Benz that attracts the guides. They custom outfit each with carpeted floors, curtains, individual lights and airflow controls, overhead luggage racks and all manner of other additions. This is all done in pursuit of what they call the “ultimate tour vehicle”.

Sole Ventures’ tours offer a marriage of style and substance in some of the world’s most beautiful and untouched locations. A luxury aesthetic with zero-impact touring. If you can’t choose between the ‘Pioneer’ and the ‘Voyager’ tours, you can combine both into one epic, fortnight-long adventure. Why compromise?