Wild Kiwi Tours

Adventure in the comfort zone.

Packed with stunning glaciers, spectacular beaches and wild mountain terrain made to be explored, New Zealand truly is a wonder of the world. 

Six years ago, when Jeremy Gleeson, Creative Director of Navigate Travel, found that there was no one really providing flashpacking, luxury tours of the land of the long white cloud, he and a few friends stepped up to the plate – taking small groups out on incredible adventures, creating Wild Kiwi Tours in the process. 

“There is so much to love about New Zealand,” says Jeremy. 

“So, we were simply excited by the opportunity to show others around in the style of travel and hospitality that we enjoy.” 

For the past 5 years, Wild Kiwi tours have been New Zealand’s go-to travel gurus, taking small groups of 18-35 year olds everywhere – from the snowy slopes of The Remarkables to the rugged heights of the Tongariro Crossing. 

These aren’t your standard backpacker tours, though – those typically use large buses or creaky, aging fleets of small vehicles aimed at travellers sticking to a budget. 

Wild Kiwi claims the unique space of using luxury vehicles to ferry around smaller groups, setting them apart from their competitors by prioritising comfort and style. 

The experience caters specifically for ‘flashpackers,’ who are budget-conscious, but willing to splash out a little more on the finer things – which include a comfy seat to settle into after a long day of seeing the sights. 

“We often get comments from guests on the comfort of the seats,” says Jeremy, “Which is especially important when we are covering the kilometres we do on our trips around the North and South Island!”

Those seats are just one calling card of the Sprinter, the van that Wild Kiwi settled on after an extensive search. Jeremy says they made that choice because the Sprinter “allows a big point of difference from our competitors both in terms of the luxury and also the small group sizes it can cater for.” 

The Sprinter’s 18-seat interior seems made for flashpackers, as it retains the intimate, small group feel that Wild Kiwi base their tours around. However, passengers each have their own space, with large windows to take in the view. 

The tours are aimed at young travellers, so having technologies that best service their adventures is crucial. Luckily, the Sprinter has all they need, including durable USB charging ports to ensure phone cameras are kept well and truly charged. 

Wild Kiwi have also added WiFi access to their vans, so all passengers can remain fully connected to the outside world as they adventure off the beaten track. On top of that, the in-van soundtracks are road-trip worthy. 

“Our playlists always go down a treat on the impressive sound system!” says Jeremy.

During a tough 2020 for global travel, Wild Kiwi found that many of us were keen to explore our own country. Now, the incredible sights that Jeremy experiences weekly are being appreciated by even more people. 

Plus, New Zealand’s response to the pandemic means that as the borders open for the Trans-Tasman bubble, Wild Kiwi is anticipating a large number of curious travellers, keen to experience the country in comfort and style. 

At the end of the day, that’s what the business was founded on: “A simple desire and passion for showing people the places we love.”