X-Class Wrapped Up

An X-Class in a class of its own.


Production of X-Class vehicles has ceased and there is no new vehicle stock remaining in New Zealand. The information provided on this webpage is here as a guide, should you require specific product information visit the X-Class Overview page.

Adam Price’s X-Class attracts attention. Just recently, he was stopped at a petrol station by another driver who had a few questions about the vehicle. That chat - one of the more understated reactions he’s received - ended with Price handing over the business card for his Mercedes-Benz dealer.

When Price - who designs and manufactures vehicle wraps as part of his work - saw the X-Class for the first time, he knew it would be the perfect canvas for a new type of colour-changing wrap he’d seen. One that was yellow when it was sunny, gold when there were clouds, and burnt orange in the shade.

“Everyone thought I was mad when they saw the colour,” he laughs, “but when you’ve been doing this stuff for long enough, you know what’s going to work.”


Making every inch shine

Price is the owner of Briner Total Signage Solutions in Springvale, Victoria, and one of the services they offer, is manufacturing and installing stand-out vehicle wraps, a process he’s been perfecting for over three decades.

When Briner wraps a vehicle, the door handles come off first. Then the door trims come off. The headlights and tail lights come out. The tub gets taken off the chassis, and then each section is wrapped individually. Two people work on it for a week, and every detail is considered. 

For his very own X-Class, Price took things to a whole new level.

‘“When it came to the door handles, I actually wrapped the button,” he laughs.

Having seen literally every inch of the X-Class during the wrapping process, Price can attest to the workmanship of the ute, and knows he chose the right vehicle to display his craft. 

“It’s the one-percenters,” he says, “the ute itself looks spectacular.” 


Getting around in style

Price’s wrapped-to-perfection X-Class is his main drive when he’s not at work. He lives in Main Ridge on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, and the X-Class handles the local dirt roads and tracks with ease. 

“Off-road there’s that many lumps and bumps and potholes that my old ute bounces all over the place. I drive down there in the X-Class and I hardly feel it.” 

The X-Class also excels for city driving or when Price is carrying a load in the back.  

“You’re up nice and high, you can see everything, and it’s as easy to handle as an SUV,” he says. 

“The tub’s a good size. You can get a pallet in the back, and there’s not a lot of utes that can get a full pallet in because of the wheel arches.”


That’s a wrap, folks

Briner is a company devoted to using state-of-the-art technology and automation. In Mercedes-Benz, Price sees a company with a similar mindset. And it doesn’t stop at vehicle wraps for Briner. Price and his team also work with Mercedes-Benz to produce a wide range of retailer point of sale display pieces like floor decals, window branding and signage. 

“Mercedes have been very innovative too. We are super keen to partner with Mercedes, and Mercedes only.”

Price has wrapped a second X-Class in a vibrant green, and he is looking to add more to Briner’s fleet of 14 trucks and eight utes. 

“I’ve got to say,” he adds with a smile, “the guy that’s getting the first one can’t believe he’s getting a Mercedes-Benz to drive!”


Article Commissioned by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd.