X marks the spot at Fieldays

X marks the spot at Fieldays.


Production of X-Class vehicles has ceased and there is no new vehicle stock remaining in New Zealand. The information provided on this webpage is here as a guide, should you require specific product information visit the X-Class Overview page.

Bracing for chilly June conditions, our New Zealand team were thrilled to showcase the Vans range at their first Fieldays. The annual four-day event attracted more than 130,000 farm and agricultural workers who were eager to explore the latest innovative products from a range of exhibitors. 

A lot of thought and consideration went into our site development. Kirsty McHugh, Marketing Specialist at Mercedes-Benz says there were many considerations. ‘Those that had not yet considered our brand would see us next to our key competitors. I wanted us to fit in with the environment and core business culture of the event but still stand out in a way the represents our three-pointed star,’ she explains. 

As this was an opportunity to bring the Mercedes-Benz Vans product to the people, sensory experiences were essential. So while customers eagerly await the arrival of the X-Class on New Zealand shores, the team provided the next best way to get a sense of what’s coming: a virtual reality tour of the vehicle.

‘The VR experience was critical to our success. There was an expectation from the public to provide new information on this vehicle. The VR was therefore the next best thing to having the vehicle there in real life. We were able to connect with the individual and speak directly to that person through voiceover.’ McHugh says. Hundreds of prospective customers registered their interest and shared their enthusiasm for its early 2018 arrival. 

While the virtual peek at the X-Class generated excitement, there was just as much buzz around the G-Professional, our military grade off-road vehicle which has a range of features and benefits that are ideal for people in the agriculture business.

Overall the team enjoyed the energy of visitors to the stand. The public were hungry for the latest and greatest on the market. Visitors were inspired by what they saw. But more importantly it was great to spend time with the people who want and need the latest technology to do their job better. Through conversations with a range of people we gained a greater understanding of our customer, which is always a great result.