All You Need For Adventure | The X-Class Ute

All you need for adventure.


Production of X-Class vehicles has ceased and there is no new vehicle stock remaining in New Zealand. The information provided on this webpage is here as a guide, should you require specific product information visit the X-Class Overview page.

Being ready to answer the Call of the Wild isn’t just about how much power comes from under the hood. The X-Class 4MATIC variants have been designed for adventure and is all set to take on a range of tough conditions.

Think of all those places you’ve always wanted to get to, but couldn’t. The ones out further, off the beaten track, where last week becomes a memory and all that matters is making it over the next ridge. 

Gear loaded in the back, heading through mud, sand, or even snow on the next big adventure, the X-Class can tackle the most demanding terrain. But roughing it doesn’t have to mean saying no to some serious style and comfort.

Roughing it in style

Getting down and dirty is never a problem for the X-Class 4MATIC thanks to engageable all-wheel-drive on 4-cylinder variants and permanent all-wheel-drive on the V6. 

Taking on the unpredictable? The V6 has class-leading advantage in the form of a low-range reduction gear. Paired with a selectable differential lock on the rear axle, this ensures both your back wheels will keep turning at speed, even if one is completely off the ground.

A generous ground clearance of 222mm helps you take on steep inclines, water crossings and rocky terrain with ease. While the underbody is designed to protect your engine, transmission and exhaust system from bumps and bruises.

Getting uphill is no battle, either. The X-Class 4MATIC1 can tackle steep inclines of up to 45 degrees without losing control. When you’re heading down the other side, Downhill Speed Regulation keeps your downhill speed under control, too.

Load up and go

When you’re towing a boat, or have bikes and camping gear stacked in the tray, the steering precision stays strong and the handling agile - even when you’re on uneven terrain. 

That’s thanks to an adjustable load-securing rail system2, multi-link coil suspension at each wheel and a track width of 1,632mm in the front and 1,625mm in the back. 

The width of the tray is generous between the wheel arches - fitting a standard pallet - and the bedliner has been designed to protect the tray lining from wear. 

An extra set of eyes

The Parking Package3 is an impressive set of tech that includes a 360 ̊ camera and PARKTRONIC system. When you’re maneuvering through packed campsites and into out-of-the-way places, or when you’re hooking up a trailer, the best view is a must.

With the X-Class, a new level of visibility comes from four networked cameras that show a bird's-eye view and vision from under the vehicle, using the multimedia display. There are four sensors in the front and four in the rear. They will sound an alert if there are obstacles in hard-to-see spots. Get in, get out. And keep going4.


1. 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive applies to V6 variants only. 4-cylinder variants include selectable all-wheel drive.

2. Load securing rail system is standard on POWER and PROGRESSIVE variants. Optional on PURE.

3. Parking Package features come standard on the POWER, available on the PROGRESSIVE, and unavailable on the PURE.

4. Parking assistance systems and features included in Mercedes-Benz vehicles are driver assistance aids only and the driver at all times remains solely responsible for maintaining proper control of the vehicle, ensuring safety and monitoring the driving environment and complying with all applicable road rules.