Being an Owner

Genuine Parts

Being an Owner

Genuine Parts
Genuine Parts

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are subject to the same exacting standards as the vehicles that leave our factory. The experience from over a century of vehicle and parts manufacture is channelled into maintaining all of the outstanding qualities of your vehicle, from its quality and proven standards of safety to its dependability - even thousands of kilometres down the line.


Non-genuine parts can greatly compromise quality and affect the performance and safety of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Put simply, if a non-genuine part is fitted to your vehicle and directly, indirectly, or consequently damages your vehicle, this damage may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


The exceptional durability offered by our genuine parts together with a 2 year warranty makes them cost effective. With our sophisticated logistics centre carrying in excess of 7,000 lines, we provide rapid access to any part throughout our retailer network. Protect your vehicle and ensure that your Mercedes-Benz remains true right down to the finest detail.


Protect your investment with Genuine Parts and continue to receive the performance, style, comfort and safety that you expect from your vehicle.


Always insist on Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

Service and Maintenance Parts

Service & Maintenance Parts

Service and Maintenance Parts

Service & Maintenance Parts

Service & Maintenance Parts

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are essential to maintaining optimal operating condition of your vehicle. From filters to spark plugs and drive belts, service and maintenance parts represent the parts used in standard scheduled services.

Our oil, air and fuel filters are designed to provide enhanced engine performance by ensuring the entire system runs as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Replacing dirty filters is critical, as clean filters more effectively trap contaminants that may adversely affect your vehicle’s ability to perform.

Our interior combination filters protect passengers from harmful substances in the air, such as pollen and pollutants, whilst our air filters ensure induction noise is reduced in keeping with your vehicle’s design.

Whatever the part, you can be assured that it is of the highest quality and designed to keep your Mercedes-Benz performance and comfort at the standard you expect.

Always insist on Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

Genuine Remanufactured Parts

Genuine Remanufactured Parts

Genuine Remanufactured Parts

Genuine Remanufactured Parts

There's only one difference.

Same badge, same quality, same 2 year warranty, but one is an economical alternative.

Remanufactured Parts

There's only one difference.

Same badge, same quality, same 2 year warranty, but one is an economical alternative.

Why wouldn't you choose Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts? They are remanufactured under the same stringent quality standards as new parts, but provide a cost saving compared to new Genuine Parts. The alternative is clear.

They also conform to the highest possible standards, where the used part is stripped down to its components before being entirely remanufactured, fully inspected and tested. During this process, worn or compromised elements are replaced with our Genuine Parts before being reassembled.

Before being accepted as Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Genuine Parts, all parts are subject to the same rigorous quality and performance testing we apply to new parts. Our remanufactured parts are never simply reconditioned, repaired or recycled - they are fully remanufactured.

Replacement Keys

Theft Relevant Parts and Vehicle Keys

Protecting you and your Mercedes-Benz

Replacement Keys

Theft Relevant Parts and Vehicle Keys

Protecting you and your Mercedes-Benz

Replacement Keys

Mercedes-Benz keys play a major role in protecting against theft thanks to advances in mechanical and electronic security.

Despite the complex technology inside our keys, we have ensured that ordering a key is fast so you can get back behind the wheel as soon as possible. In most instances, the key ordering process takes approximately 3 working days. This applies to dealerships nation-wide.

If you wish to order an additional or replacement key, please contact your local authorised dealership. 

  • Lost your key?

    In the unfortunate event of losing your keys, especially if you suspect they have been stolen, it is important to contact your nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership as soon as possible to arrange to have the missing key(s) disabled and prevent the possibility of vehicle theft using the missing key(s). 

  • What are Relevant Theft Parts?

    Theft Relevant Parts include items such as keys, locks and various control units that communicate with keys that allow the vehicle to be unlocked and mobilised. By definition Theft Relevant Parts are all items that could potentially be used to steal a vehicle or give a stolen vehicle an unsuspicious identity.

    The key to your security.
    At Mercedes-Benz, we engineer our vehicles to adhere to the most uncompromising security standards — so why would we settle for less when it comes to protecting our drivers? Actually, we don’t.

    Our scrutiny is your peace of mind.
    Only the owner, or someone authorised by the owner can order a Theft Relevant Part from us. In order to do so, your dealership will require proof of identity and vehicle ownership with original documents, including the following:

    Evidence to verify the registered owner:

    • Original and current Registration document showing the registered owner’s name, correct VIN and owner’s address.

    • Original and current photographic ID of the registered owner (i.e. driver’s licence or passport) which matches the owner’s name and address on the registration document.

    Evidence to verify the authorised representative:

    • Original signed letter of authorisation from the registered owner. A letter of authorisation must list at least, (last name, first name, address, date, purpose, VIN and signature of the registered owner; last name and first name of the authorised representative, including contact details of both parties). This authorisation must authorise the representative to order and receive the replacement or additional key for a particular VIN. The date of this document must be consistent with the period during which the order is placed.

    • Original and current vehicle registration document.

    • Original and current photographic ID (i.e. driver’s licence or passport) of the authorised representative stated in the letter of authorisation showing the correct name and address.

    • A copy of the vehicle owner’s current photo identification i.e. driver’s licence / passport.

    When the order is placed by an authorised representative of the owner who has the vehicle registered under a company name or lease company, the following must be presented:

    • Original signed letter from the fleet / company car representative responsible for the vehicle on company letterhead. A letter of authorisation must list at least, (last name, first name, address, date, purpose, VIN and signature of the registered owner; last name and first name of the authorised representative, including contact details of both parties). (This document must authorise the representative to order and receive the replacement / additional key for a particular VIN; the date of this document must be consistent with the period during which the order is placed.)

    • Original and current photographic ID (i.e. driver’s licence or passport) of the authorised representative stated in the letter of authorisation showing the correct name and address

    • A copy of the fleet / company car representative current photo identification, i.e. driver’s licence / passport.

  • Why is it necessary?

    While the information requirements to order these various parts can seem excessive, it’s important to remember our stringent identification checks serve to protect you and your vehicle. Would you hand your keys over to a thief? Neither would we.

Material Safety

Material Safety Data Sheets.

Material Safety

Material Safety Data Sheets.

Material Safety


Clear Benefits of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

For optimal driving.


Clear Benefits of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

For optimal driving.

Benefits of Genuine Parts

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are subject to the same high manufacturing standards that each vehicle goes through in the factory. Installing genuine parts in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle will ensure optimum performance, functionality and safety. You can rest assured that with each genuine part you purchase, you are receiving all of the added benefits of its function when compared to non-genuine parts.

When you purchase and install Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts, you are securing the best quality, security, availability, service and cost-effectiveness for you and your vehicle. The dimensional accuracy of our genuine parts ensures fast installation, flawless interaction with other vehicle components and reduced need for reworking.

    • Brake Pads

      Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Brake Pads?


      • Supplied with “precise fit” installation kit.
        Short installation time. Lower service costs.
      • Optimal friction pairing of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Brake Pad and Brake Disc.
        Matched surfaces for high braking performance and short stopping distances.
      • Specially developed for your Mercedes-Benz and its safety systems.
        Guarantees optimal functioning of safety systems such as ABS and ESP.
      • Only high-quality materials are used.
        Low wear for long service life and less workshop visits.
    • Oil Filters

      Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Oil Filters?


      • High-quality filter material. Long-term stable filter structure.
        Reliable filter performance during filter’s service life, even under extreme conditions. Excellent sealing effect by highly stable and resilient structure. Maximum protection against premature engine wear.
      • Optimal ratio between high filtration efficiency and high dirt-holding capacity.
        High capability of removing contaminants, impurities and condensation water from the oil system. Long service life and minimum maintenance costs.
      • Precise filter dimensions and high fitting accuracy.
        Guarantees optimal sealing characteristics and simple installation. Ideal protection for your engine.
    • Air Filters

      Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Air Filters?


      • High-quality materials for filter and frame.
        High performance, long life.
      • Long-term stable filter structure. High fitting accuracy.
        The folding geometry prevents deformation. Optimal combustion by sufficient air supply. Cost benefits due to long service life.
      • High filtration and separation efficiency. High dirt-holding capacity.
        High filtration capability together with high permeability of air flow. Maximum performance with low fuel consumption.
      • High water resistance.
        Excellent stability under wet conditions.
      • The filter paper is flame-retardant.
        Minimises risk of fire in the engine compartment.
    • Starter Batteries

      Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Starter Batteries?


      • High-performance product.
        Developed for vehicles with start-stop functionality and regenerative braking. Outstanding performance for powerful engines and highly equipped cars.
      • Completely maintenance-free and leak-proof.
        High standards due to the closed system. High resistance to exhaustive discharge. Good cold-start properties.
      • Long Service Life.
        Significantly longer service life compared to a conventional battery due to higher cycle strength and chemical stability.
    • Engine Oil

      Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil?


      • Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil was developed by the same experts who built your engine.
        Our oil is a key component of Mercedes-Benz engine research and development and was specially developed for Mercedes-Benz.
      • From minus 30 degrees to plus 260, reliability is achieved.
        Fast circulation of the oil through the engine is generated – for constantly smooth operation.
      • Reduced friction thanks to optimal engine lubrication.
        The constant reduction of friction has a positive effect on fuel economy data. That means: efficient driving with high performance but lower fuel consumption.
      • A product quality that exceeds the standard requirements.
        Only high-performance base oils and additives are used to produce Mercedes-Benz oil. It therefore exceeds our standard requirements.
    • Body Panels

      Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Body Panels?


      • Perfect fit. Precise installation. Time-saving mounting.
        Minimal gap dimensions ensure a high accuracy of fit as well as an optimal connection of the sensors to the assistance systems, keeping the Mercedes-Benz design and optimising the functionality of the safety systems.
      • Tested quality.
        Optimal deformation of the parts in order to increase pedestrian and passenger safety. High quality of materials ensures protection against corrosion.
      • Weight advantage.
        Efficient safety systems such as the active hood. Lower fuel consumption.
    • SummerFit and WinterFit

      Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Windscreen Washer Fluids?


      • Takes just a few wipes to remove hot waxes and preservatives from car wash.
        Prevents dangerous light scattering.
      • Removes road dirt from the windscreen in both summer and winter.
        Safe driving under all conditions without lubrication film on the windscreen, avoids dangerous lost seconds. Prevents nozzle freezing and windscreen washer fluid from freezing on the windscreen during winter; also causes no stress cracks.
      • Tested material compatibility.
        Gentle on all relevant surfaces and components and not harmful to health and environment.
      • Optimal size of container.
        Easy to use.
    • Window Cleaner Intensive

      Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Window Cleaner Intensive?


      • Effectively removes road grime, silicone, diesel soot, hot wax, glass preservative, insect remains and bird droppings.
        Reduces windscreen wiper chatter.
      • Suitable for year-round use.
        Safe driving in every road situation.
      • Tested material compatibility.
        Gentle on paintwork and synthetic materials.

    Our quality standards at Mercedes-Benz set us apart from other parts manufacturers. This is demonstrated by 2000 inventions every year, some of which go on to be patented. These patents enable us to provide our customers with exclusive parts, including especially innovative technology which is only available in our patented Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

      • Brake Discs (Patented)

        Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Brake Discs?


        • Special protective coating.
          Perfect corrosion protection and short service time as coating does not need to be removed.
        • Optimal friction pairing of genuine brake pad and disc.
          For high braking performance and short stopping distances.
        • Specially developed for the safety systems in your Mercedes-Benz.
          For optimal functioning of safety systems such as ABS and ESP.
        • High quality of materials and outstanding workmanship. Perfect fitting accuracy and uniform heat dissipation.
          Outstanding braking performance, resistant to cracking and deformation. Smooth operation and prevention of vibrations.
        • Patented light brake disc with innovative gearing between brake ring and steel hub.
          Improved fuel efficiency and driving comfort thanks to reduced weight (up to 1.5 kg). Homologated track width ensured with light brake disc.
      • Cabin Air Filters (Patented)

        Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Interior Filters?


        • Highly effective activated charcoal layer.
          Reduces harmful gases and odours in the passenger compartment.
        • Optimal selection and composition of filter materials.
          Absorbs large amounts of particles smaller than 0.5 μm.
        • ECARF-registered filter.
          Protects from harmful particles and allows occupants to breathe freely. Maintains allergy-friendly properties of ECARF-certified car interior.
        • Sturdy construction of frame and filter medium with patented guide shafts.
          Provides optimal fitting accuracy and perfect sealing. For ideally filtered air. Correct and fast assembly.
      • Windshields (Patented)

        Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Windshields?


        • Outstanding speed of delivery and accuracy of fit.
          Minimized immobilisation time thanks to fast delivery and high fitting accuracy.
        • New: genuine signatures on the windscreen.
          Clear branding. Added-value to the car.
        • Precisely adapted and tested adhesives.
          Safety in accidents immediately after installation of windscreen.
        • Windscreen with special carrier plate for vehicles with Highbeam Assist/Lane Keeping Assist.
          Precise positioning of camera module for correct functioning of all camera-based assistance systems.
        • Adjustable carrier plate cover abuts perfectly with roof liner.
          Attractive interior design and noise-free mounting functionality for carrier plate cover.
      • Windscreen Wipers (Patented)

        Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Windscreen Wipers?


        • Curvature of spring rail adapted to model specific windscreen.
          Consistent pressure across the wiping area. No noise, no wiper chatter.
        • Multi-component, Mercedes-Benz specific rubber formulation.
          Optimal wiping quality, even under extreme weather conditions. Smooth operation and long service life.
        • Innovative maintenance indicator and Mercedes-Benz branding.
          Intelligent safety: the maintenance indicator turns yellow when wiper blades need replacing. The Mercedes-Benz star on the end cap certifies genuine parts quality.
        • Patented Mercedes-Benz quick connector with integrated safety lock.
          Easy wiper change within seconds. Safe and stable connection between wiper arm and wiper blade. Online video available.
      • Headlamps and Tail Lamps (Patented)

        Why Mercedes-Benz Genuine Headlamps/Tail lamps?


        • Tailor-made for the vehicle. Unmistakable design.
          The vehicle looks the way it did on the first day.
        • Matched to the on-board electrical system.
          Ensures full functionality.
        • Mercedes-Benz warranty included.
          Assures long-lasting satisfaction.
        • Brand signature is visible.
          Easily identifiable as a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Part.
        • Ventilating tail lamp for C-Class sedan and coupé (W/C 204) with air outlets, patented in Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan and USA.
          Improved vehicle aerodynamics.


      Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres.


      Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres.

      Mercedes Tyres

      Why Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres?

      Genuine Lubricants

      Flat Tyre Recovery



      Lubricants and Fluids

      Genuine Lubricants & Fluids.

      Lubricants and Fluids

      Genuine Lubricants & Fluids.

      Product Range

      Dummy img

      Product Range

      With advanced technology in every Mercedes-Benz vehicle, we offer a comprehensive range of Genuine Lubricants & Fluids. To ensure the performance, reliability and safety of your vehicle, always use Mercedes-Benz Genuine Lubricants & Fluids.

      • AdBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid
      • Air Conditioning Refrigerant
      • Brake Fluid
      • Coolant
      • Diesel Cold Flow Improver
      • Engine Oil
      • Fuel System Cleaners
      • Gear Oil
      • Hydraulic Fluid
      • Power Steering Fluid
      • Transmission Fluid
      • Windscreen Washer Fluid
        • Benefits of Genuine Engine Oil

          The only oil to deserve the Mercedes-Benz Star.

          Who knows Mercedes-Benz engines and their lubrication requirements better than Mercedes-Benz engineers?

          Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil:

          • is developed to the exacting technical specifications of Mercedes-Benz
          • optimises engine performance through reduced internal friction
          • minimises engine wear resulting in optimal engine service life
          • helps maximise fuel efficiency
          • offers complete protection in all critical operating conditions
          • ensures a rapid circulation of oil through the engine

            A variety of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil products are available to suit AMG and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Please check with your local Mercedes-Benz Dealer and/or the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual / Service Handbook for the correct oil to use in your vehicle
        • Genuine Engine Oil Range

          Genuine Engine Oil Range

          MB 229.5

          • 5W-40 premium synthetic engine oil

          Suitable for:

          • AMG engines
          • Late model Mercedes-Benz petrol engines
          • Select Mercedes-Benz diesel engines without diesel particulate filters


          MB 229.51

          • 5W-30 premium synthetic engine oil
          • Formulated with low content of sulphur, phosphorous and ash-forming components

          Suitable for:

          • Mercedes-Benz diesel engines with/without diesel particulate filters
          • Select Mercedes-Benz petrol engines


          MB 229.51 BlueTEC

          • 0W-30 premium synthetic engine oil
          • Specifically formulated for the Mercedes-Benz G350 BlueTEC and is the only oil approved for use for this model.


          MB 228.51

          • Heavy-duty 10W-40 premium synthetic engine oil
          • Low content of sulphur, phosphorous and ash-forming components

          Suitable for:

          • Mercedes-Benz diesel engines* with/without diesel particulate filters


          BlueTEC.MB 229.1

          • 10W-40 premium engine oil

          Suitable for:

          • Older Mercedes-Benz engines


          Classic Edition Engine Oil

          Should you have a pre-1945 Mercedes-Benz or a vehicle from the 1950s to 1990s, a new range of Classic Edition engine oils are available.

        • Classic Edition Engine Oil

          We created your automobile. And now the perfect oil for it.

          In every detail of your Mercedes, its quality, its authenticity and its legends are preserved. Every part that needs replacing should be replaced by a genuine part. That goes for the engine oil too. It keeps the heart of your vehicle running reliably. And ensures that your original remains an original.

          The Mercedes-Benz Classic Edition engine oil embodies all the knowledge of those who built your Mercedes. It meets the specific requirements of the period technology as well as present-day demands. Besides selected high-grade ingredients, the oil contains one thing above all: many decades of experience. It is perfectly matched to your Mercedes-Benz classic – to the past and to the future.

        • Genuine AMG Engine Oil

          Maximum Performance

          AMG High Performance Engine Oil 0W-40 is a fully synthetic premium engine oil with innovative technology, specially developed for the high performance requirements of the latest Mercedes-AMG engine technology. Its unique advanced strength enables to maximize engine performance and lower friction, thus giving you an exceptional driving performance.


          0W-40 AMG MB 229-5

          • Ultra Active Cleansing Technology due to outstanding additive package specially developed for AMG
          • Excellent Wear Protection & Control
          • Long Life formulation
          • Optimal Wear and Corrosion protection
          • Cold start improvement due to 0W Viscosity Grade
          • High Shear Stability due to improved testing in AMG Testing Facilities
          • Ultimate prevention of combustion particles and deposits due to highly innovative additive package
          • Extra-prevention of the formation of sludge in the oil sump
        • Daimler AG Products

          Note on Daimler AG Approved Lubricants & Fluids

          Who knows Mercedes-Benz operating fluid requirements better than Mercedes-Benz engineers?

          Though there may be some non-Mercedes-Benz brand lubricants and fluids in the market that have Daimler AG approval as meeting our specifications, please be aware that many of these fluids are designed to suit a range of vehicle brands and not just Mercedes-Benz. As a result, some of these approved fluids may only meet the bare minimum Mercedes-Benz standards whereas Mercedes-Benz Genuine Lubricants & Fluids are formulated to our own strict internal engineering requirements.

          Also please be aware that some lubricant and fluid suppliers that do not have Daimler AG approval for their products, state that their products meet or exceed the specifications set by Daimler AG for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Please note that Daimler AG cannot guarantee such claims.

          To ensure that the operating fluids suit your Mercedes-Benz, always insist on using Mercedes-Benz Genuine Lubricants & Fluids.

        • Brake Fluid

          Brake Fluid

          Mercedes-Benz pioneered many life-saving technologies. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP ®), Lane Keeping Assist, COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST and radar-guided cruise control: each of these features relies on the braking system. Every time the brake pedal is applied by the driver or automatically activated by the various electronic safety systems, the brakes need to react instantly and the right brake fluid is vital for this to occur.

          Even a millisecond delay in braking response due to incorrect brake fluid, can negatively impact on braking distances meaning the difference between being involved in a collision or not.

          To ensure that these critical safety systems are operating effectively, always insist that your repairer uses Mercedes-Benz Genuine Brake Fluid, specification MB 331.0 (part number A 000 989 08 07 xx) in your Mercedes-Benz.

          There are many brands of brake fluid on the market, including European brands, however our brake fluid is the only brake fluid approved by Mercedes-Benz for use in Mercedes-Benz Cars, Vans and Trucks.

        • Coolant / Antifreeze

          Coolant / Antifreeze

          Mercedes-Benz Genuine Coolant concentrate is specifically formulated for the Mercedes-Benz cooling system.

          With advanced light-weight materials used in our engines, Mercedes-Benz Genuine Coolant has been thoroughly tested to be compatible with all cooling system components such as the water pump, radiator, hoses and gaskets.

          With the coolant change interval in Mercedes-Benz cars varying depending on the engine and in which vehicle it is fitted to, it is vital that the correct ultra long-life coolant is used in your Mercedes-Benz.

          The coolant interval in Mercedes-Benz cars is either:
          • 3 years
          • 15 years / 250,000km (whichever comes first)

          Please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the correct interval for your vehicle.

          Which coolant should I use in my Mercedes-Benz passenger car?

          For undamaged cooling systems
          Use Mercedes-Benz Genuine Coolant concentrate MB 325.0
          Part number: A 000 989 08 25 xx

          For corrosion damaged cooling systems
          First flush with Mercedes-Benz Genuine Citric Acid
          Part number: A 000 989 10 25 11

          Then use MB Model Type 30 coolant
          Part number: A 000 989 16 25 12

          Please note that there are some brands of aftermarket coolants or antifreeze products, including those from Germany, that do not even meet the minimum 3 year Mercedes-Benz factory specified coolant change interval, let alone the 15 year / 250,000km interval.

          To ensure that your engine and cooling system are protected from overheating and corrosion, always insist on the use of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Coolant products.

          *Information contained above is subject to change or error. While Mercedes-Benz New Zealand (MBNZ) has endeavoured to ensure that all representations, information and descriptions contained here are accurate at the time of publication, information is subject to change without notice and MBNZ makes no commitment as to the availability of any product. The information listed above should always be read in conjunction with other materials and information available from MBNZ. Please refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific information.
        • AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid

          AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid

          Mercedes-Benz Genuine AdBlue is used in the following Mercedes-Benz diesel passenger cars:

          • S 350 BlueTEC (W221)
          • G 350 BlueTEC (W463)
          • ML 250 BlueTEC (W166)
          • ML 350 BlueTEC (W166)

          What is AdBlue® and why is it used?

          Mercedes-Benz Genuine AdBlue is composed of urea and de-ionised water. It is injected into the exhaust gasses of selected diesel engines as a post combustion process. Mercedes-Benz vehicles using AdBlue® technology are identified with the ‘BlueTEC’ symbol. AdBlue’s® purpose is to reduce the percentage of harmful NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) found in the vehicle’s emissions. With BlueTEC technology, Mercedes-Benz has been able to heavily reduce exhaust gas emissions while at the same time maintaining the performance of diesel engines in terms of power and torque output.

          Where does AdBlue® need to go in the vehicle?
          Mercedes-Benz Genuine AdBlue must only be poured into the vehicle’s separate AdBlue® tank – AdBlue® must not be put into the diesel fuel tank. Do not mix AdBlue® with any additives and do not dilute AdBlue® with water.


          How often does AdBlue® need to be used?
          The vehicle will not operate unless there is sufficient AdBlue® in the vehicle’s AdBlue® tank. The size of the AdBlue® tank has been designed so that a customer should not have to refill AdBlue® in between service intervals, however an individual vehicle’s AdBlue® consumption may be higher depending on operating conditions.
          On average, 1 litre of AdBlue® should last around 1,000km, however usage can be higher depending on how the vehicle is driven and the conditions that the vehicle is subjected to.

          • Every A Service AdBlue® tank is refilled / topped up
          • Every B Service AdBlue® tank is drained and refilled

          If the amount of AdBlue® in the vehicle reaches the minimal level before an A or B Service, a message will appear on the instrument cluster.

          Can I use AdBlue® from a bottle that has previously been opened?
          No. You should use all of the Mercedes-Benz Genuine AdBlue product in the bottle at the one time and then put the empty bottle in the recycling bin. Once opened and exposed to air, AdBlue® bottles with leftover AdBlue® fluid cannot be stored as the purity of the fluid will be compromised.

          Does AdBlue® have a lifespan?
          Yes. Due to the limited durability of AdBlue®, AdBlue® has a 2 year lifespan from date of production. It is essential that AdBlue® is stored between minus 5 degrees and 20 degrees Celsius. AdBlue® can decompose if it is stored at 30 degrees or more for extended periods of time - ammonia can form in such instances.