Mercedes-Benz Delivery Delays

Mercedes-Benz Delivery Delays

Our brand, like the automotive industry at large, has been, and continues to be, affected by a worldwide shortage of vehicle components containing semiconductors. Semiconductors are an essential part of the microchips used within electronic devices, and are needed for certain functions of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Microchips are embedded within the electronic control units of our vehicles to regulate, among other things, driving dynamics, comfort and assistance features. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created an erratic and unforeseen surge in global demand for products containing semiconductors, especially in consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and video game consoles. As such, the existing semiconductor supply chain is not able to serve the global demand within normal timeframes.

The present situation has led to a supply bottleneck affecting Mercedes-Benz. In addition, we understand that volatile distribution chains have intensified the shortage, and certain chip manufacturers have been unable to produce chips in significant volume due to local lockdowns and other unforeseen occurrences.



We acknowledge and understand that potential delivery delays are of significance to our customers, and for many, buying a Mercedes-Benz is a special event, one that we strive to make truly exceptional.

We are in close collaboration with our partners and suppliers and doing what we can in the current climate to shorten any waiting times as much as is possible.

There is also the possibility that certain vehicles may be produced with adjustments to their equipment levels in order to maintain their availability. As these changes are order specific and based on production timing, it is recommended that customers speak to their authorised Mercedes-Benz retailer for the most up to date information.

The understanding of our customers around this unprecedented situation is sincerely appreciated.

    • Which Mercedes-Benz models are affected by delivery delays?

      Which Mercedes-Benz models are affected by delivery delays?

      The constrained supply of semiconductors has affected the production of various models across the Mercedes-Benz range at different times. For the most current information about the status of a particular model, please contact your Mercedes-Benz retailer.

    • How will I know if my vehicle order is affected?

      How will I know if my vehicle order is affected?

      If a vehicle currently on order is affected, your Mercedes-Benz retailer will contact you directly to discuss your specific vehicle and the options available to you. Should you have any immediate concerns, please feel free to speak with your retailer using the locator below, or contact Mercedes-Benz New Zealand for assistance via

    • When is the situation expected to improve?

      When is the situation expected to improve?

      The insufficient supply of components containing semiconductors is expected to continue for at least the remainder of 2021. At this stage, it is not possible to reliably forecast when a stable supply can be expected to resume. We will continue working closely with our suppliers to do what we can to shorten any waiting times as much as is possible.

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